previewInterview with Kiswono Prayogo, Head of Software Development at President University, Indonesia

Continuing from my previous interview, this is the third post for my "Humans Of Programming World" series of….... read more

previewInterview with Geofrey Ernest, creator of Utron MVC framework from Mwanza, Tanzania

Continuing from my previous interview, this is the following post* for my "Humans Of Programming World" series of….... read more

previewInterview with Rima Ibrahim Alghanim (ريما ابراهيم), a Software Engineering Student at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

This is the first post for my new series of interviews with developers hailing from different parts of the world.….... read more

previewOn human attributes(gender + race) and entitlement disease

Just want to key in my thoughts or do a brain.Flush() on how human attributes and entitlement disease impacting the….... read more

previewFostering diversity in Golang community

Just a quick blog post to flush out my thoughts on diversity in Golang community.

I'm not really a big….... read more

previewIT people firewalling you? Why you are being ignored by IT people.

With the explosion of smart phones and computers usage through out the world. More and more people are finding themselves….... read more

previewKenaf seeds sprout

Earlier I brought back some Kenaf seeds from the Kenaf farm near the border of Malaysia and Thailand. However, the….... read more

previewProgramming productivity depends on your tools and language choice

Saw an old video commercial shared on Facebook today. It is an advertisement from the 90's about the benefits of….... read more

previewReduce image file size with these compressors to optimize website speed

Optimizing web site for fastest loading is crucial for web user experience and also one of the important signals that….... read more

previewQuicker ways to access OS X System Preferences

There are many options available in the System Preferences that allows customisation of your OS X. However, there are times….... read more

previewFind out the font name with WhatTheFont

Found this interesting online tool call WhatTheFont. Basically, it allows you to upload an image and tells you….... read more

previewExplore Firefox developer tools

Being a “developers friendly” browsers. Firefox aims to provide as many tools as possible to make life healthier for developers….... read more


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