Startup Idea : Avoid long queue by pre-ordering concert memorabilia

Probably not the best startup idea, but it does ease some pain point here for those who like to go to a concert. Whenever a concert ends, chances are the concert organizers will open up booth selling concert memorabilia to rake in additional revenue. Usually, concertgoers should be feeling tired, want to go elsewhere to eat/drink by the end of the concert or worse .... when they do line up to buy the concert memorabilia......some need to pee while waiting in line to make their purchases.

waiting in line to buy concert memorabilia

Nigel Tadyanehondo

Is there a better way to deal with this? How about a website or app that allow concertgoers to pre-order the concert memorabilia online and have the items shipped to their house without having to wait in line?

postman deliverying concert memorabilia

Maarten van den Heuvel

This will allow the organizer to capture more customers, including those that did not attend the concert. More $$$.

Preview image credit: Anthony DELANOIX

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By Jennifer Loh

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