android.jpgAndroid Studio : Password input and reveal password example

A password input field is common for an application that requires the user to log in. Such as login to….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Qt update UI elements with core.QCoreApplication_ProcessEvents

Not a tutorial, but putting this here in case I need to refer back in future. While developing a .... read more

golang.pngGolang : Qt progress dialog example

Found a need to show progress indication while developing a Qt application recently. Below is a simple example of how….... read more

android.jpgAndroid Studio : Create custom icons for your application example

Making your own Android applications will not be completed unless you learn how to create, generate and add your own….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Qt splash screen with delay example

Back in the 90s and early 2000's most software developers will develop for graphical user interface(GUI) application rather than web….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Convert lines of string into list for delete and insert operation


You want to convert a list of items in text format into a list. With the list, you want….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Turn string or text file into slice example

Alright, I need to parse a large number of text files that contain some raw data generated by a machine.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Display a text file line by line with line number example


Instead of using cat or more commands to display a text file line by line. You want to display….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to check if your program is running in a terminal


Your command line application accepts inputs from a terminal only or you just want to test if the application….... read more

android.jpgAndroid Studio : Import third-party library or package into Gradle Scripts

A note for Android Studio beginner like myself. Encounter an instruction on Github on how to import a third-party library….... read more

android.jpgAndroid Studio : Indicate progression with ProgressBar example

Anyway, starting to get comfortable in learning Android Studio and really happy with my learning progress so far. Wouldn't it….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to stop user from directly running an executable file?

There are times when you need to prevent the user from directly executing an executable file, especially if the executable/binary….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Convert Chinese UTF8 characters to Pin Yin

Not really a tutorial, but putting this here in case I need to refer back again in future. Here is….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Check if directory exist and create if does not exist

Anyway, need to modify an existing Golang program for a friend. The original developer left her company and basically, she….... read more

android.jpgAndroid Studio : Use image as AlertDialog title with custom layout example

So far we have learned how to create AlertDialog at the previous tutorial and it would be nice….... read more

android.jpgAndroid Studio : AlertDialog and EditText to get user string input example

This is a supplementary tutorial for the previous tutorial on how to get user attention with AlertDialog. In….... read more

android.jpgAndroid Studio : How to detect camera, activate and capture example

Let's have some fun with Android by learning how to detect the camera, activate the camera and capture with the….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Read, Write(Create) and Delete Cookie example

Got an email from a reader asking for a more elaborated example of how to read, write(create) and delete a….... read more



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