Golang : How to solve "too many .rsrc sections" error?


During go build you encounter this error "too many .rsrc sections" and the compilation process stopped. What's going on?


The error message originated from this function :

 func setpersrc(ctxt *Link, sym loader.Sym) {
  if rsrcsym != 0 {
 Errorf(nil, "too many .rsrc sections")

  rsrcsym = sym

Chances are you have more than 1 .syso file in your build and linking process. Such as one for embedding icon into your executable and another one for embedding a manifest file.

 rsrc -manifest app.exe.manifest -o app.syso

To solve this problem. First, remove ALL the .syso files and then ONLY generate 1 .syso file. Combine the icon and manifest file together when using the rsrc tool.

Hope this helps and happy coding!

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By Adam Ng(黃武俊)

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