previewConsciousness for artificial intelligence? Insert brain with soul here.

The field of artificial intelligence(A.I) is re-surging and gaining a lot of attention lately. Most of the big tech titans….... read more

previewTeach your kids to spot opportunites by pouring Chinese tea to cups

Not many people are aware that the most important lesson to be learned from a Chinese family dinner is the….... read more

previewCurrencies of Life : Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Free Cash Flow is King and Compouding Cash is Queen

Writing down these four wisdoms on what to do with money.

It doesn't matter if you're holding US dollar, Pound….... read more

previewImproving my financial vocabulary with Windows 10 Money

For some odd reason, I decided that I should not use my Mac today for the fear of getting the….... read more

previewFrom programming to investing. All in the mind.

Alright, now is the time to transform myself from a software developer to an investor by "interrupting" my own mind.

.... read more

previewInterview with Mark Saward, Lead Developer of from Melbourne, Australia

Alright, in this post for "Humans Of Programming World" series of interviews, we will now head south to Down Under.….... read more

previewIs Singapore's Smart Nation similar to Wall-E's Axiom?

Here is my attempt to summarize or decipher Singapore's Smart Nation initiative. Kinda like TL;DR version of .... read more

previewHow many report cards you should have?

When I was growing up as a kid, one of the most uncomfortable period is when I have to show….... read more

previewHidden power or energy of Kenaf tree. Will it improve longevity or enhance aura energy?

About 12 years ago, my eldest brother was interested in fish farming and he wanted to learn how to do….... read more

previewWhy fart and waste it, when you can burp and taste it.

Shortly after I posted this interview, I received a rather unpleasant* email demanding why I'm doing these interviews….... read more

previewInterview with Janet Kuo(郭), a Software Engineer at Google

For my next post of "Humans Of Programming World" series of interviews, I will now invoke the GOTO….... read more

previewFinancial education with Command and Conquer game

For the last couple of days, I was thinking about the best way to innoculate my kids' minds from the….... read more


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