previewPlay Atari Breakout in Google Images

Somehow my brain decided to take a strike today and rendering me unable to think. Maybe it is good time….... read more

previewPlay Pacman on Google

Continuing from my previous blog post about taking a break with Atari BreakOut in Google Images, this post is about….... read more

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Found these three mapping services that are developers friendly while helping out a friend who is looking for Google Maps….... read more

previewTransferring Google Authenticator to new phone

Recently, my old smartphone is showing sign of age and it is time to upgrade to a new phone. Transferring….... read more

previewSwitch off get office notification in Windows 10

Upgraded my Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 recently. Since Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 for free, they must….... read more

previewCommon Interview Questions for Golang developers.

Thanks to the simplicity of Golang and soaring interest in using Golang as the programming language to develop new software.….... read more

previewAlternatives reporting tools to Google Analytics

Managing a website without visitors tracking solution such as Google Analytics is kinda like groping in the dark to find….... read more

previewFix Mac OS X Applications Quits Unexpectedly

A friend was having frequent application crashes on his Mac OS X - Yosemite recently. Not sure what is causing….... read more

previewUnderstanding Google Analytics' Cohort Analysis User Retention

If you are planning to start an online business or already running an online business. Chances are you want to….... read more

previewWhat does ad blocking mean for startups ?

Enough has been said about what will ad blocking do to publishers' bottom line, so this article is not about….... read more

previewDefinition and Objectives of Growth Hacking

There are many definitions and interpretations of the actual meaning of Growth Hacking out there. Will use the definition according….... read more

previewGuide to identify the types of software developers

"Software is eating the world" - The news is that every day more and more people are becoming software developers….... read more


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