Startup Idea : A training system for Software As A Service

Right, you and your team worked like crazy to build a web application that revolutionizes how an employee utilizes his/her time during work hours automatically and the data will be presented in the web application dashboard. You pitched this "Software-As-A-Service" to bosses and managed to land a few demos.

The objective is to "hook" the end users into using your "Software-As-A-Service" (SaaS) and hopefully down the sales cycle, you will be able to convert the demo account into sales.

Trouble is that you need to spend a significant amount of time to educate the end users and it is eating up your time and money.

training end user to use your application

Bench Accounting

How about building a generic training system that will provide on screen training to end user for your SaaS?

Yeah, like a moving red dot and pop up text appearing along the SaaS web forms or elements, so that instead of having a physical trainer teaching, the end users will self-learn and use your product at the same time.

make your application end user self train

Scott Webb

Guess what, the training system can be deployed to train other products as well. Not necessarily limited to your company products, it can be any online products that requires training.

This should lower down the support costs and churn rate.

Sounds like a good startup idea? Great! Work on it! Good luck!

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