golang.pngGolang : Fixing Gorilla mux http.FileServer() 404 problem

18th October 2019

I'm in the process of developing a web application to handle my landlord to tenants relationships in a better way….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to transmit update file to client by HTTP request example

11th September 2019

Alright, got a friend here that wants a simple Golang http server that will handle updates to his software. Basically,….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to handle file size larger than available memory panic issue

9th September 2019


You are trying to convert create a slice with a size of a very large file. The file size….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to calculate the distance between two coordinates using Haversine formula

8th September 2019

I need to develop a service that calculate the distances of my current location to several points nearby. Each of….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to setup a disk space used monitoring service with Telegram bot

5th September 2019

Ok, writing this simple example for a friend. She wants to create a simple Telegram notification/alert for her company's system….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Mapping Iban to Dunging alphabets

19th August 2019

For this tutorial, we will learn how to map Iban(Sea Dayak) language to the Dunging alphabets. According to this .... read more

golang.pngGolang : Get Hokkien(福建话)/Min-nan(閩南語) Pronounciations

19th August 2019

I built this tool for my own use and use it to teach my kids Hokkien a.k.a Min-nan language. At….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Scramble and unscramble text message by randomly replacing words

19th August 2019

For this tutorial, we will learn how to make a text string unreadable by replacing some of the words inside….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Roll the dice example

18th August 2019

Just a simple example on how to simulate dice rolling. Useful in situation where you need to use random single….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Configure Apache and NGINX to access your Go service example

16th August 2019

Recently I developed two services that allows translation of Bahasa Malaysia in Roman alphabets to Jawi(calligraphy form) and .... read more

golang.pngGolang : Simple Jawi(Yawi) to Rumi(Latin/Romanize) converter

7th August 2019

A simple example on how to use Golang's map to build a Jawi(Malays in Arabic script) to Rumi translation dictionary.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Markov chains to predict probability of next state example

23rd July 2019

Putting these two Golang codes here for my own future reference. The codes are adapted from the DataCamp's Markov….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to check if a string with spaces in between is numeric?

16th July 2019

Ok, I need a function that will determine if an input string is indeed numeric or not. The "standard way".... read more

golang.pngGolang : Detect number of active displays and the display's resolution

15th July 2019

There are times when we need to find out the number of active displays and their resolution. The following code….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Translate language with language package example

14th July 2019

Just a simple example on how to use the language package to do language translation. Not a google translate type….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Human readable time elapsed format such as 5 days ago

8th July 2019


You need to convert a date time stamp such as this 02 March 1992 10:10:50 into a human readable….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Gargish-English language translator

1st July 2019

Another just for fun example where I get to translate English text into Gargoyle's language - Gargish. I first got….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Grab news article text and use NLP to get each paragraph's sentences

25th June 2019

This tutorial is a slight improvement over the previous tutorial which uses prose natural language processing library to get….... read more