golang.pngGolang : Send data to /dev/null a.k.a blackhole with ioutil.Discard

17th June 2019

In Unix/Linux system administration, there are times when the system administrator needs to reduce the size of a file to….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to run your code only once with sync.Once object

17th June 2019

Problem :

You have a function that will load a resource such as reading configuration data from an external file….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Read a file into an array or slice example

17th June 2019

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golang.pngGolang : Add ASCII art to command line application launching process

15th June 2019

Problem : You worked hard on creating your application and you want add some ASCII art to prettify the launching….... read more

golang.pngGolang : A program that contain another program and executes it during run-time

15th June 2019

For this tutorial, what we are trying to achieve here is to write a program that contains another mini program….... read more

mariadb.pngMariaDB/MySQL : How to get version information

15th June 2019

Putting this here for my own future reference. Recently I need to move some databases to a new MariaDB server….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Launching your executable inside a console under Linux

14th June 2019

Problem: You want to launch your executable under a terminal window after clicking on an icon. Why you want to….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Convert an executable file into []byte example

14th June 2019

This small utility program will read an executable file(or just any file) and convert the content into a []byte slice.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Calculate how many weeks left to go in a given year

13th June 2019

Here is a simple tutorial on how to calculate the number of weeks in a given year and figure out….... read more

java.pngJava : Get FX sentiment from website example

13th June 2019

A quick Java implementation of my previous Golang tutorial on how to "scrape" FX(forex) sentiment data from a web….... read more

java.pngJava : Generate multiplication table example

12th June 2019

Putting this here for my own future reference. A simple Java multiplication table generator that I used to teach my….... read more

java.pngJava : Human readable password generator

12th June 2019

Below is a Java version of my previous tutorial on how to generate human readable password. Basically, what this Java….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Generate multiplication table from an integer example

12th June 2019

My son is 6 years old now and it is about the right time to expose him to some basic….... read more

java.pngJava : Random alphabets, alpha-numeric or numbers only string generator

12th June 2019

A simple Java function to generate random string based on given parameter - alpha, alphanum and numeric. Depending on the….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Get FX sentiment from website example

10th June 2019

Just a quick and simple tutorial. Got a friend that asked me on how to get FX(Forex) sentiment data by….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Accessing dataframe-go element by row, column and name example

5th May 2019

Dataframe-go is similar to Python's pandas package and it is used for statistics and data manipulation inside a Go program.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Gonum standard normal random numbers example

4th May 2019

Putting this simple example here for my own future reference. Just another way of generating random numbers beside using math/rand.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Detect words using using consecutive letters in a given string

13th April 2019

Got an interesting question asked by a member of Go Programming Language Facebook group. He is asking how to….... read more