Golang : Fix go-cron set time not working issue

Problem :

You followed the go-cron example at https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/go-co-op/gocron#section-readme but later on found out that the scheduled task did not execute at the specified time.

  s := gocron.NewScheduler(time.UTC)
  // set time
  s.Every(1).Day().At("10:30").Do(func(){ ... })

  // set multiple times
  s.Every(1).Day().At("10:30;08:00").Do(func(){ ... })

Solution :

Instead of using time.UTC, set the time location first to whatever timezone your server/machine is running at and then use the time for the go-cron scheduler.

For example :

  localTime, err := time.LoadLocation("Asia/Singapore")
  if err != nil {
 logs.Fatal().Err(err).Msg("Error in time load location")
  cronScheduler := gocron.NewScheduler(localTime)

Hope this helps and happy coding!

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By Adam Ng

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