Woz U for those looking to work in the tech industry

"Woz U" is a new online education system launched by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak and it is aimed at preparing those that are interested in working the technology industry - without burning their pocket.

At the moment, Woz U offers online courses for computer specialists support and software development. It has plans to include data science and cybersecurity in near future and eventually planning to build physical campuses in 30 different cities around the world.

According to Steve Wozniak:

“Our goal is to educate and train people in employable digital skills without putting them into years of debt,” said Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer and invented the Apple II computer that launched the personal computing revolution. “People often are afraid to choose a technology-based career because they think they can’t do it. I know they can, and I want to show them how.”

Or in another word:

“education reprogrammed” - a new approach to higher education for the tech industry.

So why Woz U?

young steve wozniak

”My entire life I have worked to build, develop and create a better world through technology and I have always respected education,” Wozniak said. “Now is the time for Woz U, and we are only getting started.”

Interested to find out more about Woz U? Head over to https://woz-u.com/

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By Adam Ng

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