Startup Idea : App for taking notes on money borrowed from or lent to friends

Have you ever go for group lunch and someone in the group ends up as the person paying on behalf of the rest in the group after the meal. Chances are you will have trouble keeping track on who paid the meal and how much. How about keeping track of how much your friend owes you after you pick up their groceries? I have trouble keeping track that as well.

trouble keeping up with debts

Niels Steeman

It would be nice to have an app that helps to keep track of who owes who and how much. Also, the app will alert the debtors and creditors when the transaction lapsed after awhile and nag the debtors to hurry up in paying their debt?

Saving the creditor's and debtor's friendship when nagging for money can be automated. :P

To keep things tight, how about recording every transaction in a blockchain? So that a debtor cannot claim that the debt has been paid if there's no transaction recorded in the blockchain. This is to encourage the debtor to pay via the app and the transaction will be recorded in a blockchain.

Perhaps the app maker can monetize by taking a small transaction fee. Cool?

Preview image credit: Alice Pasqual

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By Adam Ng

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