Don't trade without guiding instruments and bot

Piloting a plane is dangerous business. Today, flying has become safer because of advancement in technology. Pilots are able to fly safely with the help of radar, sensors and guiding instruments.


Trading is also a dangerous business if you don't know what you're doing. Apart from relying on charts such as those found in, traders should also learn how to program their own trading bots or get someone to help them to build bots.

Having a bot as an helper while trading can be very useful and the bot can help you in many ways... such as emotionless way of looking at a trade position.

a scanner bot looking after you

Don't trust the bot to trade for you? No problem, at least program a "scanner" bot. A scanner bot acts like radar or sensors on board a plane. The scanner bot will be able to tell you on potential profitable trades or stop trading when it sensed that the market has changed. Just like one should avoid an incoming cloud storm and fly away to safety.

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By AdamNg

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