Three types of difficulties in life.

Note to myself on how to prepare my kids and myself for the future.

In life, basically there are three types of difficulties(三類困難).

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  1. Lack of backstage. (一沒有後台)
  2. No backup.(二沒有靠山)
  3. No experience.(三沒有經驗)


Lack of backstage. This world is a big acting platform, but not everyone has a backstage to go back to rest. A person needs to have a roof over his or her head. To rest, to recharge, to think and go back out again. With prices of house sky rocketing in Malaysia, many young people are unable to secure their own dwellings. Most still renting.....errrm... I think I should be able to provide a house or two for them.

No backup. It is good to have mom and dad to be around to provide love and guidance in life. I need to take care of my own health so that I'll still be around for them.

I can help out for item 1 and 2, but my kids need to help themselves for item 3.

For gaining experience, I'm going to teach them how put the "little voice" in their head to their advantage. The choice of words use by the "little voice" inside their mind will determine the type development cycles they are going to get in.

A poor choice of words will lead to a vicious cycle and a good choice of words will lead to a virtuous cycle.

Will continue in my next post.

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By Adam Ng

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