Choice of words will lead to vicious or virtuous development cycle

Another note for myself on how to educate my kids. This post is about development cycles, the bad and good ones.

an example marketing cycle Example of a marketing cycle

Our choice of words will lead to vicious or virtuous development cycle of our body, soul and financial standing. A poor choice of words at a given circumstances will cause the mind to switch off or work.

Below are two diagrams that demonstrate what will happen in the mind when the "little voice" in the mind choose to say .... "No, I can't or I refuse to learn" versus "Yes, I will learn or how can I get it done".

The first one is the vicious cycle. When the mind says don't want, it automatically turn it into lazy mode.

惡性循環( Vicious Cycle ):

腦海裡說:“我不要做或我不要學習” ---》 沒用腦 ---》 懶惰 ---》 傻 ---》 沒有經驗 ---》 “ 我不要做或我不要做學習”

The mind says: "I don't want to do or learn" ---》 brain remains brand new and unuse ---》 lazy ---》 stupid ---》 no experience ---》 which leads to more stupidity.

The next one will be beneficial when properly identified and mastered. When the mind says, " to solve this" or "let's learn something new", it automatically kick start the engine.

良性循環 (Virtuous cycle):

腦海裡說:“我要做或我要學習” ---》 動腦筋 ---》 努力 ---》 聰明 ---》 獲得經驗 ---》 “ 我要做或我要學習”

The mind says: "I want to do it or learn something new" ---》 brainstorming ---》 work to get result ---》 clever ---》 gain new experience ---》 which leads to more experience or wanting to learn something new.

Having my kids learning how to differentiate these two cycles early in their lives is important to me.

After having explained how these cycles work to my son... I guess I'm fortunate enough that he selected the virtuous cycle. My daughter's turn will arrive when she is older.

There are other types of cycles as well, such as the rat race cycle and the birth-and-death cycle.... but I'll leave that type of cycles for another time.

Hopefully, I can use this blog post to remind them again in future.

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By Adam Ng

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