Golang : Flip coin example

This is a simple program to simulate flip coin that I use to train a small artificial intelligence program. Basically what it does is to randomly pick an item from a two elements slice. Here you go! package main import ( "fmt" "math/rand" "time" ) func main() { coin := []string{ "heads", "tails", } rand.Seed(time.Now().UnixNano()) // flip the coin side := coin[rand.Intn(len(coin))] fmt.Println("Flipped the coin and you get : ", side) } Output: $./flip Flipped the coin and you get : heads $ ./flip Flipped the coin and you get : heads $ ./flip Flipped the coin and you get : tails References: https://socketloop.com/tutorials/golang-randomly-pick-an-item-from-a-slice-array-example

Tags : golang flip-coin random

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