Golang : Use wildcard patterns with filepath.Glob() example

Searching for files by extension can be done easily in Golang with filepath.Ext() function. To search for files base on wildcard pattern can be done easily too with filepath.Glob() function.

In this code example, we will use filepath.Glob() function with a wildcard pattern to list out files with the string input in the file names.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 pattern := "*input*"

 matches, err := filepath.Glob(pattern)

 if err != nil {


 // search upper directory
 upperDirPattern := "../*input*"  

 // you can specify directly the directory you want to search as well with the pattern
 // for example, /usr/files/*input*

 matches, err = filepath.Glob(upperDirPattern)

 if err != nil {


Sample output:

[checkinput checkinput.go input.gif input.txt scrinputtofile scrinputtofile.go]




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