Golang : Shuffle strings array

Okay, the previous tutorial on how to shuffle elements inside an array does not work with strings array. To shuffle array with strings, use this code example instead.

 package main

 import (

 func shuffle(src []string) []string {
 final := make([]string, len(src))
 perm := rand.Perm(len(src))

 for i, v := range perm {
 final[v] = src[i]
 return final

 func main() {

 str := []string{

 shuffled := shuffle(str)

 fmt.Printf("Original order  :  %v\n", str)

 fmt.Printf("Shuffled order  :  %v\n", shuffled)


Sample output :

Original order : [first second third]

Shuffled order : [second third first]

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By Adam Ng

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