Golang : Get input from keyboard

Writing text-based program to run from command line will not be completed without the ability to read input from the keyboard. Be it a single character or a string. Golang has three functions just to deal with this kind of situation. First is the fmt.Scanln() function, followed by fmt.Scan() function and fmt.Scanf() function.

Below is an example of fmt.Scanf() function

 package main

  import (

  func main() {
 var response int
 fmt.Println("This program will activate SkyNet worldwide, are you sure about this?\n")

 fmt.Scanf("%c", &response) //<--- here
 switch response {
 fmt.Println("SkyNet launch aborted!")
 case 'y':
 fmt.Println("SkyNet launched")
 case 'Y':
 fmt.Println("SkyNet launched")

Hope this tutorial can help you out.

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By Adam Ng

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