Golang : Convert seconds to minutes and remainder seconds

Problem: You have an input seconds in integer that you want to convert into minutes and remainder seconds. How to do that? Solution: The secondsToMinutes() function below will first get the minutes from the given input seconds and then calculate the remainder seconds. Here you go! package main import ( "fmt" ) func secondsToMinutes(inSeconds int) string { minutes := inSeconds / 60 seconds := inSeconds % 60 str := fmt.Sprintf("d:d", minutes, seconds) return str } func main() { fmt.Println("3600 seconds in minutes : ", secondsToMinutes(3600)) fmt.Println("9999 seconds in minutes : ", secondsToMinutes(9999)) fmt.Println("660 seconds in minutes : ", secondsToMinutes(660)) fmt.Println("1234567890 seconds in minutes : ", secondsToMinutes(1234567890)) } Output: 3600 seconds in minutes : 60:00 9999 seconds in minutes : 166:39 660 seconds in minutes : 11:00 1234567890 seconds in minutes : 20576131:30

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