Golang : concatenate(combine) strings

Once in a blue moon, a programmer will bound to process input strings and manipulate the strings into something meaningful ... just like combining DNA. In this tutorial, we will learn how to combine or concatenate(link) couple of strings together.

The code below used the fmt.Sprint() function to combine the three separated strings.

 package main

 import  "fmt"

 func main() {
 chinese := "你好"

 english := "Hello"

 malay := "apa khabar"

 concatenated := fmt.Sprint(chinese +" "+ english +" "+ malay)


Output :

你好 Hello apa khabar

Is there any other ways to combine strings in Go ? I'm sure there is. Just that I've not figure it all out yet by the time of writing this tutorial. Share it in comment below if you have better ways to combine strings in Golang.

By Adam Ng

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