Golang : Clone with pointer and modify value

For those familiar with C language and learning Golang, bear in mind that Golang supports pointer. In this short tutorial, we will learn how to create a struct tied to pointer, how to clone and manipulated the struct data with the pointer(second := *first ). The code example below should be self explanatory. Should you have any question, please leave a comment below. package main import ( "fmt" ) type User struct { Id int Name string } func createUser() *User { newUser := new(User) newUser.Id = 1 newUser.Name = "Adam" return newUser } func main() { // create our first user first := createUser() fmt.Printf("first user id is %d and name is %s\n", first.Id, first.Name) // clone first user to second user second := *first // data are cloned as well fmt.Printf("second user id is %d and name is %s\n", second.Id, second.Name) // now modify second user's name and id second.Id = 2 second.Name = "Victoria" fmt.Printf("[modified] second user id is %d and name is %s\n", second.Id, second.Name) } Output : first user id is 1 and name is Adam second user id is 1 and name is Adam [modified] second user id is 2 and name is Victoria

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