Golang : Capture text return from exec function example

Tags : golang os exec capture-return-text stdout


You want to capture the text result return by exec function. How to do that?


The code example below demonstrates how to capture the text result returns by the os/exec function. What the code does is to prepare in advance a pipe(io.ReadCloser) first before executing the exec program to capture the standard output. Then the value will be stored(appended) in a string slice for display at the end of the program.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func handleError(err error) {
  if err != nil {

 func main() {

  cmd := exec.Command("whoami")

  // capture the output and error pipes
  stdout, err := cmd.StdoutPipe()

  err = cmd.Start()

  defer cmd.Wait()
  buff := bufio.NewScanner(stdout)

  var returnText []string

  for buff.Scan() {
 returnText = append(returnText, buff.Text())


Happy coding!




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Tags : golang os exec capture-return-text stdout

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