Golang : File path independent of Operating System

There are times a program need to determine the operating system it is running on and construct a proper file path for file I/O.

Go has the http://golang.org/pkg/path/filepath/ package that will handle the cross plat form / operating system

Just use string(filepath.Separator) through out your code will do.

Below is the an example code in Go:

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
 detect  := "This OS is " + runtime.GOOS + " type and use "+ string(filepath.Separator) + " as file separator"


The output will be

Unix/Linux :

 This OS is linux type and use / as file separator

Windows :

 This OS is windows type and use \ as file separator

  See also : Golang : Detect (OS) Operating System

By Adam Ng

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