Get Facebook friends working in same company

Problem :

Need to find common friends working in the same companies with Facebook.

Solution :

Use FQL to extract friends' work history.

FQL : select uid,name,work_history from user where uid in (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=me())

You can play around your query with Facebook Graph API Explorer to see if the extracted result is suitable for your needs. However, bear in mind that the FQL result will not be complete. Only partial result of your total friends.

Below is a PHP code fragment that I used to extract friends work history data

 if (($user) && ($data['fid'])) { //ok, the user exist, we find out the common friends

 // the permission granted by the Facebook user will determine the behaviour of the access token
 // if no friends_work_history permission is granted, then the facebook user cannot see their friends working in which companies
 $access_token = $this->facebook->getAccessToken();

 $query = 'select uid,name,work_history from user where uid in (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=me())';

 $file = file_get_contents('' . urlencode($query) . '&access_token=' . $access_token);

 $jsonFriends = json_decode($file, true);
 $Friendsincompany = $jsonFriends['data'];

 $data['Friendsincompany'] = $Friendsincompany;


Hope you will find this tutorial useful and assist your development work.

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By Adam Ng

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