Android Studio : Import third-party library or package into Gradle Scripts

A note for Android Studio beginner like myself. Encounter an instruction on Github on how to import a third-party library into Android Studio project. Trouble is, the instruction is just


 dependencies {
 compile 'com.daimajia.numberprogressbar:library:1.4@aar'

Ok, so... how to import or compile the third-party library/package ??

After some 'rookie' trials and errors, the steps are:

  1. In Android Studio, under Project, click Gradle Scripts and click on the build.gradle (Module: app) [position 1]

  2. Add the line shown below at [position 2]

compile 'com.daimajia.numberprogressbar:library:1.4@aar'

add compile instruction into build.gradle(Module: app)

Hope this helps!

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By Adam Ng

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