php.jpgPHP : How to check if an array is empty ?

27th August 2014

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golang.pngGolang : Find network of an IP address

26th August 2014

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mariadb.pngHow to enable MariaDB/MySQL logs ?

26th August 2014

As a web developer that have been toying with MySQL/MariaDB for more than 5 years. I can tell you that….... read more

golang.pngSetting $GOPATH environment variable for Unix/Linux and Windows

26th August 2014

Go relies on one important environment variable called $GOPATH to determine where is the workspace located in your computer. To….... read more

elasticsearch.pngElasticsearch : Shutdown a local node

16th August 2014

Elasticsearch is a fantastic tool for adding search and indexing capability to your website or application. Basically, it functions just….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Clearing slice

15th August 2014

Slice is something that I use frequently in Go and I always prefer slice to array at anytime. If you….... read more

php.jpgPHP : See installed compiled-in-modules

14th August 2014

PHP has compiled-in modules that allows it to perform various operation. If you want see what modules is linked to….... read more

php.jpgPHP : Hide PHP version information from curl

14th August 2014

By default, PHP will expose its version information when query by curl -I and you may want to hide the….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Get file permission

13th August 2014

Get a file permission in Go is easy. In this tutorial, we will see how to read a file permission….... read more


13th August 2014

Was trying to ssh into my Amazon Web Services EC2 instances yesterday

ssh -i ec2-webserver.pem root@ec2-***.compute-1.amazonaws.com

and….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Read file with ioutil

13th August 2014

This tutorial will show you how to read a file into buffer and display the content in Go. This example….... read more

macosx.jpgUnix/Linux : How to test user agents blocked successfully ?

13th August 2014

This is actually a continuation from the tutorial on how to configure nginx to block certain user agents.….... read more

facebook.pngFacebook : Getting the friends list with PHP return JSON format

13th August 2014

Problem :

How to get friends list in Facebook with PHP in Json format?

Solution :

Use Facebook SDK https://graph.facebook.com/me/friends

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nginx.jpgNginx : How to block user agent ?

12th August 2014

Problem : Looking for ways to configure Nginx to block certain user agents like crawlers, SEO tools and robots from….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Encrypt and decrypt data with x509 crypto

11th August 2014

This is a simple tutorial demonstrating how to encrypt and decrypt string data with Golang's crypto/x509 package. We will use….... read more

nginx.jpgNginx : TLS 1.2 support

10th August 2014

Couple of days back I was toying with this website https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ to see how good is my website….... read more

facebook.pngHow to test Facebook App on localhost ?

9th August 2014

Usually, in the past when I setup Facebook application for my websites. The new Facebook App Connect API has no….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Create x509 certificate, private and public keys

6th August 2014

Instead of using openssl to generate public and private keys. Go can generate x509 certificates and equivalent RSA private/public keys….... read more