Looking forward to the new Ataribox

Earlier this year, Atari confirmed its return to the gaming console market and revealed to the Atari fans that the company is looking to “create something new, that stays true to our heritage, while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.”

Looks like the revelation is very promising with the recent release of the Ataribox image via email to the company fans. It has the touch of the classic Atari 2600 console but with support for the contemporary technologies such as HDMI and USB ports and SD card slot.

Ataribox console

Very likely Ataribox is able to play the classic retro games designed for their earlier gaming console, but I guess we will only know for sure when the product is released.

Still remember my first ever game console is the classic Atari that looks like this:


Image credit: http://www.klaus-ciecior.de

Looking forward to relive my childhood days again by playing Ataribox soon.

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By Adam Ng

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