Golang : Strings comparison

Given that mostly backend services deal with text data. There bound to be times when there is a need to compare strings. So how does one compare strings in Golang? After digging around....finally found out that the strings.EqualFold function can be used to compare strings (case insensitive)

For example :

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 string1 := "Hello"
 string2 := "World"
 string3 := "HELLo"

 // true
 bool1 := strings.EqualFold(string1, string1)

 // false
 bool2 := strings.EqualFold(string1, string2)

 // true
 bool3 := strings.EqualFold(string1, string3)

 fmt.Printf("%s is equal to %s : %v \n", string1, string1, bool1)

 fmt.Printf("%s is equal to %s : %v \n", string1, string2, bool2)

 // EqualFold comparison is case IN-sensitive
 fmt.Printf("%s is equal to %s : %v \n", string1, string3, bool3)


Output :

Hello is equal to Hello : true

Hello is equal to World : false

Hello is equal to HELLo : true

Reference :


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By Adam Ng

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