Golang : Skip blank/empty lines in CSV file and trim whitespaces example

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Your Golang program is reading from a CSV file and you want to skip blank lines in the CSV file. Also, you want to trim whitespaces in the final output. How to do that?


After initiating the csv.Read() or csv.NewReader() functions. Set the reader's FieldsPerRecord and TrimLeadingSpace to:

 csvReader.FieldsPerRecord = -1 // optional
 csvReader.TrimLeadingSpace = true

The CSV reader will automagically ignore those empty lines.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
  csvDataWithEmptyLines := `first_name,last_name,username
 "Adam","Sandler", adam

 Steve, McQueen,steve
  csvReader := csv.NewReader(strings.NewReader(csvDataWithEmptyLines))

  // add these
  csvReader.FieldsPerRecord = -1
  csvReader.TrimLeadingSpace = true

  for {
 record, err := csvReader.Read()
 if err == io.EOF {
 if err != nil {



// properly formatted and look nice

[firstname lastname username]

[Adam Sandler adam]

[Steve McQueen steve]

[Robert Spacey robspacy]



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Tags : golang csv trim-whitespaces reader fieldsPerRecord TrimLeadingSpace

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