Golang : Implementing class(object-oriented programming style)

If you are used to ways of doing things in Java or C++, such as declaring class and assigning different methods to the class. Golang has a unique way of implementing class with the type interface. This code example below demonstrate how to declare classes and assign methods to the classes.

 package main

 import (

 type SayHelloIntFace interface {

 type Person struct{}

 // this method is tied to Person class
 func (person Person) SayHello() {

 type Dog struct{}

 // this method is tied to Dog class
 func (dog Dog) SayHello() {
  fmt.Printf("woof! woof!")

 func greeting(i SayHelloIntFace) {

 func main() {
  // instantiate objects
  person := Person{}
  dog := Dog{}

  var i SayHelloIntFace

  fmt.Println("\nPerson : ")
  i = person

  fmt.Println("\n\nDog : ")
  i = dog


Output :

Person :


Dog :

woof! woof!

Hope you may find this tutorial useful. Good luck in learning and using Golang for developing your website or application!

By Adam Ng

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