Golang : Create S3 bucket with official aws-sdk-go package

This is just one of the updates/supplementary tutorials to the previous tutorial on how to upload to AWS S3. This tutorial will use the official AWS-SDK-GO package to create a bucket in AWS S3.

NOTE : As of the time of writing this, the AWS-SDK-GO package is still undergoing radical changes and if the code below somehow refused to work properly. Chances are AWS-SDK-GO packages lose internal organs here and there during the metamorphosis period.

Here you go :

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 // DO NOT PUT credentials in code for production usage!
 // see https://www.socketloop.com/tutorials/golang-setting-up-configure-aws-credentials-with-official-aws-sdk-go
 // on setting credentials from environment or loading from file

 // this is just for demo/tutorial purpose
 aws_access_key_id := "<replace with yours>"
 aws_secret_access_key := "<replace with yours>"
 token := ""

 creds := credentials.NewStaticCredentials(aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key, token)

 _, err := creds.Get()

 if err != nil {

 aws.DefaultConfig.Region = "us-west-2"

 s3client := s3.New(&aws.Config{
 Region: "us-west-2", // S3 suppose to be global and regionless.. no harm putting this here
 Credentials: creds,
 LogLevel: 0,

 // see http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/BucketRestrictions.html
 // for bucket naming rules if you get the error message
 // InvalidBucketName The specified bucket is not valid. <nil>

 //bucketName := "mynewBucket" <--- will NOT work

 bucketName := "ttestmynewbucket"

 params := &s3.CreateBucketInput{
 Bucket: aws.String(bucketName),

 // commented out these as they will cause error. Bug ?

 //GrantFullControl: aws.String("GrantFullControl"),
 //GrantRead: aws.String("GrantRead"),
 //GrantReadACP: aws.String("GrantReadACP"),
 //GrantWrite: aws.String("GrantWrite"),
 //GrantWriteACP: aws.String("GrantWriteACP"),

 result, err := s3client.CreateBucket(params)

 //if err != nil {
 // fmt.Println(err)
 // return
 // }

 if err != nil {
 if awsErr, ok := err.(awserr.Error); ok {
 // Generic AWS Error with Code, Message, and original error (if any)
 fmt.Println(awsErr.Code(), awsErr.Message(), awsErr.OrigErr())
 if reqErr, ok := err.(awserr.RequestFailure); ok {
 // A service error occurred
 fmt.Println(reqErr.Code(), reqErr.Message(), reqErr.StatusCode(), reqErr.RequestID())
 } else {
 // This case should never be hit, The SDK should alwsy return an
 // error which satisfies the awserr.Error interface.

 fmt.Println("Bucket created in ", *result.Location)


Output :

Bucket created in http://ttestmynewbucket.s3.amazonaws.com/

References :



  See also : Golang : Setting up/configure AWS credentials with official aws-sdk-go

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