Golang : Check to see if *File is a file or directory

Sometimes, we need to write codes that is robust and flexible enough to handle different situation. For example, if a program is going to open up a directory or file. In this simple tutorial, we will learn how to handle the situation when opening up a file or directory with os.Open() function. We will use the FileInfo.Mode() function to determine if the object that we opened is a file or directory.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
 object := "./FileDir" // this could be file or directory

 fdir, err := os.Open(object)
 if err != nil {
 defer fdir.Close()

 finfo, err := fdir.Stat()

 if err != nil {

 switch mode := finfo.Mode(); {

 case mode.IsDir():
 fmt.Println("object is a directory")
 case mode.IsRegular():
 fmt.Println("object is a file")

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