Golang : Call function from another package

Very often new comers learning Go will encounter problem in calling functions from another library or package. Go needs to know the path to the function and you will need to specify this with the import directive. Also remember that for the function to be exportable(called from other function), the first character must be capital. For example, SayHello versus sayHello

Typical way of accessing a function is done this way

 variable := package.FunctionName()

such as below

Location : (Project/main.go)

 package main

 import "fmt"
 import "Project/myownfunctions"  // <-- remember to include the directory/package name - in this case "Project"

 func main(){
 variable := myownfunctions.SayHello() //<---- function name must be capital!


and in another file

Location : (Project/myownfunctions/myownfunctions.go)

 package myownfunctions

 func SayHello() string{
 return "Hello from this another package"

By Adam Ng

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