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Golang Hello World Example


This tutorial is dedicated to a young(11 years old by the time of writing) and upcoming programmer learning Golang in….... read more

Golang : Ackermann function example

golang ackermann

Not really a tutorial, but just want to play with recursive function and toying with Ackermann function. Hope this example….... read more

Golang : Get constant name from value

golang constant

Problem :

How to find out the constant name associated with a value? For example, if the a constant value….... read more

Golang : Fix cannot download, $GOPATH not set error

golang gopath

For anyone exploring Golang and trying to get new packages from ... let say Github. One of the most common….... read more

Golang : Setting variable value with ldflags

golang ldflags

This short tutorial will demonstrate how to initialize a variable value during runtime at the stage of compilation/linking. Go linker….... read more

Golang : Example for DSA(Digital Signature Algorithm) package functions

golang DSA

There are not many examples or tutorials out there on how to fully utilize the crypto/dsa package. In this tutorial,….... read more

Golang : Change a file last modified date and time

golang mtime

There are times when we need to perform some operation on a file, but then manually change the last modified….... read more

Golang : Delete files by extension

golang delete

Being able to select certain type of files to delete can be useful. In this follow up tutorial from .... read more