Responsible parenting tip on using street cleaners as example to teach children

I was enjoying a nice family day at Broga, Malaysia yesterday and overall experience is wonderful. However a small event caused me to feel uneasy on my way back home.

I stopped at a nearby shop to buy ice cream for my kids and while waiting to pay for my ice cream at the cashier, I saw a mother teaching her son with some text books laying around the table. She kept telling her son that if he failed in his studies... one day he will end up as a street cleaner or garbage collector... pointing her finger at the garbage men working in front of their convenient shop.

I can't help but felt deeply disturbed by her words...because that's the exact words that my own mother said to me during my younger days. Maybe this is the most notable part of Asian parenting or "Tiger" mom or dad parenting.

However, I believe that we can put a positive and less cruel spin into this.

I believe that being a responsible parent means...

Instead of telling my kids to look down on the street cleaners and tell them to study hard. I would tell them to study hard so that one day my kids will be able to help them.

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Conclusion : There is no need to belittle anyone that already in less fortunate situation than us.

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By Adam Ng(黃武俊)

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