Uninstall Go from Mac

Uninstalling Golang from Mac OSX machine can be done easily. All you to do is the remove this directory /usr/local/go

Doing this will remove the binaries for Golang but not the residue files which you have installed elsewhere.

To remove the additional files, you need to check the environment variables for GOPATH and GOROOT. Those the files that you need to delete as well if you plan to remove Golang entirely.

If you plan to upgrade Go, you don't have to remove the previous version of Go manually. It will be removed when you install the latest version of Go lang.

For example, you will get an alert message that the previous Go version will be removed when upgrading to Go on a Mac OS X.

![alert to remove previous version of Go][1]

Hope this tutorial is useful ... but hope you will continue to use and learn Go.

By Adam Ng

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