PHP : Get coordinates latitude/longitude from string

Problem :

Let say we are dealing with another program that produces coordinates (lat/long) in a string format that look like this :

"(142.6278389135, 43.29162915041)"

and we want to assign the float values into variables.

Solution :

Break the string with explode() function, cast the string values into float with floatval() functions. See codes below :


 $str = "(142.6278389135, 43.29162915041)";

 // remove the parentheses

 $clean = substr($str, 1, -1);

 $coord = explode(', ', $clean);

 $long =  floatval($coord[0]); // cast string to float

 $lat = floatval($coord[1]); // case string to float

 echo "Long : ".$long."\r\n";

 echo "Lat : ".$lat."\r\n";


Output :

Long : 142.6278389135

Lat : 43.29162915041

Reference :

  See also : PHP : Extract part of a string starting from the middle

By Adam Ng

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