Javascript : Push notifications to browser with Push.js


Instead of RSS, you want to send notifications to your visitor's computer through their browser about the latest updates that your blog or organization has to offer. Such as:

push notification example

How to do that?


Instead of implementing the notification with API, use Push.js instead. It is a free notification library that handles all the basic push notifications with a couple of JavaScript lines.

You can invoke Push.js with

  Push.create('Hello! Thank you for allowing to push notification. I will be updating you with the latest updates')

To see more advanced configurations, head over to to see the available options.

In case you pressed the "BLOCK" button and unable to see the prompt again during testing phase, you will need to revoke the block/allow notifications in your browser.

BLOCK or ALLOW push notification

To do this for example, in Chrome - click settings, scroll down to Advanced tab, click Content Settings and click Notifications OR paste this chrome://settings/content/notifications into the address bar.

block or allow notifications in chrome settings

NOTE: From my own experience, Push notifications will not be able to work with localhost.

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