JavaScript/JQuery : Redirect page examples

Notes for future references on how to redirect pages with JavaScript or JQuery. Sometimes, the simplest task is the hardest to remember :(

To simulate a HTTP redirect use replace :


To simulate a click on a link to redirect, use href :

 window.location.href = "//";
 document.location.href = '//';

To handle redirect based on referrer, first check if the referrer.indexOf and redirect based on the condition :

 // redirect back to main page URL if the referrer is from search engine or
 // someone types the domain in directly
 if(document.referrer.indexOf('') >= 0) {
 else {
 window.location.href = ''; 

To go back with checking referrer.indexOf, use :


JavaScript should be sufficient, but no harm to learn the JQuery equivalents :


By Adam Ng

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