Javascript : How to show different content with noscript?

Problem :

You got complains from your website visitors that certain functions or part of your website is not functioning or displaying correctly. Such as checkout cart or login button missing.

Upon investigation, you found out that it is because of the the visitors' browser having JavaScript turned-off or some extension blocked JavaScript from loading properly.

So, how do you inform the visitors to enable JavaScript or turn off the extension?

Solution :

Use the HTML noscript tag to detect if the visitor's browser JavaScript is turned off or blocking JavaScript from executing.

Example of noscript tag in action :

page with noscript in action

Example of JavaScript page loading properly :

page with JavaScript loaded

Here is the code :

NOTE : Just a reminder, that for security reason... you cannot force or turn on JavaScript on a browser with code. You can only remind the user and ask them - politely - to turn on the JavaScript engine for you.

Hope this tutorial can be useful to you.

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By Adam Ng

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