PHP : How to parse ElasticSearch JSON ?

ElasticSearch returns search result in JSON format. To parse the items from the search result in PHP first you need to decode the JSON data

 $decoded = json_decode($json_data);

and from the decoded data, you can scan the data array for the granular information. For example, if I wanted the title from the returned search result

I would do something like this :


 $results = $decoded->hits->hits;

 foreach ($results as $item) {
 $id = $item->_id;
 $title = $item->_source->title; // get the title
 $short_description = $item->_source->short_description;

NOTE : In case the search result from ElasticSearch is not recognize as JSON format.... you can always use json_encode function such as the example code:

 $json_data = json_encode($this->elasticsearch->advancedquery("index_type", $searchquery));

By Adam Ng

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