Golang : Temperatures conversion example

Writing this down for my own future reference. Need these temperature conversions for developing an agriculture IoT application. This simple tutorial covers how to calculate and convert temperatures in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. The temperature information will be displayed on a localized map and allow the users(farmers) to plan their daily tasks.

Here you go!

 package main

 import "fmt"

 type (
 // or centigrade
 Celsius float64
 Kelvin float64
 Fahrenheit float64

 const (
 // standard stuff from Physics
 // useful for triggering alarms or sequence of actions
 // to adjust temperature
 WaterBoilingPoint  Celsius = 100
 WaterFreezingPoint Celsius = 0
 AbsoluteZero Celsius = -273.15

 func Celsius2Fahrenheit(c Celsius) Fahrenheit {
 return Fahrenheit(c*9/5 + 32)

 func Celsius2Kelvin(c Celsius) Kelvin {
 return Kelvin(c + 273.15)

 func Kelvin2Celsius(k Kelvin) Celsius {
 return Celsius(k - 273.15)

 func Fahrenheit2Celsius(f Fahrenheit) Celsius {
 return Celsius((f - 32) * 5 / 9)

 func main() {
 // 30 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit
 fmt.Println("30 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit is : ", Celsius2Fahrenheit(30), " Fahrenheit.")

 // 89 degree Fahrenheit to Celsius
 fmt.Println("89 degree Fahrenheit to Celsius is : ", Fahrenheit2Celsius(89), " Celsius.")

 fmt.Printf("The water boiling point in Celsius is %v or %v Fahrenheit or %v Kelvin.\n\n",
 WaterBoilingPoint, Celsius2Fahrenheit(WaterBoilingPoint), Celsius2Kelvin(WaterBoilingPoint))



30 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit is : 86 Fahrenheit.

89 degree Fahrenheit to Celsius is : 31.666666666666668 Celsius.

The water boiling point in Celsius is 100 or 212 Fahrenheit or 373.15 Kelvin.



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By Adam Ng

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