Golang : Strip slashes from string example

A quick post on how to get an equivalent to PHP's stripslashes() function in Golang. Basically in PHP, the stripslashes() function will remove any backslashes from a string. \' becomes ' and double backslashes \\ are made into a single backslash \.

Example from official PHP documentation :

 $str = "Is your name O\'reilly?";
 echo stripslashes($str);

Output :

Is your name O'reilly?

To achieve similar result in Golang, use this example :

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
 // use backtick ` instead of double quote "
 // otherwise, you will get this error message
 // unknown escape sequence: '

 str := `Is your name O\'reilly?`


 stripSlash := strings.Replace(str, "\\", "", -1)


Output :

Is your name O\'reilly?

Is your name O'reilly?


Golang's strconv.Unquote() function does not strip backslashes. What it does is to transform the a Go character literal to the corresponding one-character.

Happy coding!

Reference :


  See also : Golang : unknown escape sequence error

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