Golang : Stop goroutine without channel

Writing this down here as my own reference. In case you need to stop a goroutine from further execution and you cannot or do not want to use channel. You can use boolean variable as well.

In my previous tutorial on how to merge video and audio into a mp4 file, I need to stop goroutines that invoke the video camera and if the goroutine is not properly closed, it will cause segmentation fault.

Therefore, to stop the goroutine and prevent segmentation fault. Use :

 var (
 stopAudio = false
 stopVideo = false

and when it is time to terminate the application, simply set the variable to true

 fmt.Println("Cleaning up ...")
 if key == 27 {
 // stop audio first
 stopAudio = true

and the in goroutine.

  for {
 if !stopAudio { // to prevent segmentation fault  <---------------- HERE!

 fmt.Printf("\rRecording video and audio now. Wave or say something to your microphone! [%v]", ticker[rand.Intn(len(ticker)-1)])

 // write to wave file
 _, err := waveWriter.Write([]byte(framesPerBuffer)) // WriteSample16 for 16 bits
 } else {


Hope this helps!

By Adam Ng

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