Golang : Send email with attachment

In my previous tutorial on Go's send email and configure SMTP example, I left out a part where any decent email package should have - that is the - email attachment part.

So, how to attach files onto email in Golang ?

After trying to write a decent tutorial to demonstrate this...only then I realized that the codes can be super messy and unreadable. Therefore, I would rather settle for this simple to use third party package https://github.com/scorredoira/email to get this tutorial published. (I'm lazy)

Here it is :

 package main

 import (

 type EmailConfig struct {
 Username string
 Password string
 Host string
 Port int

 func main() {
 // authentication configuration
 smtpHost := "smtp.***.com" // change to your SMTP provider address
 smtpPort := *** // change to your SMPT provider port number
 smtpPass := "****" // change here
 smtpUser := "******" // change here

 emailConf := &EmailConfig{smtpUser, smtpPass, smtpHost, smtpPort}

 emailauth := smtp.PlainAuth("", emailConf.Username, emailConf.Password, emailConf.Host)

 sender := "******@mail.com" // change here

 receivers := []string{
 } // change here

 message := "Please see the email attachment for the images"
 subject := "Attached my photos!"

 emailContent := email.NewMessage(subject, message)

 emailContent.From = sender
 emailContent.To = receivers

 files := []string{
 } // change here to your own files

 for _, filename := range files {
 err := emailContent.Attach(filename)

 if err != nil {

 // send out the email
 err := email.Send(smtpHost+":"+strconv.Itoa(emailConf.Port), //convert port number from int to string

 if err != nil {

Executing this program will not generate any message unless there is error and if everything goes well, you should receive the email with attachment.



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