Golang : Reverse a string with unicode

Problem :

You got a string of :

世界你好! is the equivalent of Hello World! in Chinese

and you need to reverse this string.

Solution :

Use unicode/utf8 package to handle the runes and reverse the string with this program below :

 package main

 import (

 var forward string = "世界你好! is the equivalent of Hello World! in Chinese"

 func Reverse(s string) string {
 totalLength := len(s)
 buffer := make([]byte, totalLength)
 for i := 0; i < totalLength; {
 r, size := utf8.DecodeRuneInString(s[i:])
 i += size
 utf8.EncodeRune(buffer[totalLength-i:], r)
 return string(buffer)

 func main() {
 fmt.Println("Original : ", forward)

 backward := Reverse(forward)

 fmt.Println("Reversed : ", backward)

Output :

Original : 世界你好! is the equivalent of Hello World! in Chinese

Reversed : esenihC ni !dlroW olleH fo tnelaviuqe eht si !好你界世

Hope this reverse function can be useful to you.

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By Adam Ng

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