Golang : Rename part of filename

This simple tutorial is a code fragment extract from previous tutorial for scanning and renaming partial filenames showing how you can rename part of a filename in Go.

 var f os.FileInfo
 path := `\targetfile.txt`

 // check each file if starts with the word "dumb_"

 // depending on your needs
 // you can replace HasPrefix with http://golang.org/pkg/strings/#Contains or http://golang.org/pkg/strings/#HasSuffix

 if strings.HasPrefix(f.Name(), "dumb_") {
 base := filepath.Base(path) // get the file's basename
 dir := filepath.Dir(path)

 renameto := filepath.Join(dir, strings.Replace(base, "dumb_", "smart_", 1))
 os.Rename(path, renameto) 

See full example at https://www.socketloop.com/tutorials/golang-scan-files-for-certain-pattern-and-rename-part-of-the-files

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