Golang : Regular Expression find string example

This is a simple tutorial on how to use Golang's regexp package to find certain string value in a string. Nothing fancy. Just writing this down for future reference.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 // regular expression pattern
 regE := regexp.MustCompile("/oid/([\\d]+)/")

 // simulate a search

 // first convert string to byte for Find() function
 searchByte := []byte("/oid/1/")

 matchSlice := regE.Find(searchByte)

 fmt.Printf("%s \n", matchSlice) // if found, return leftmost match, without 'abc'

 matchSlice2 := regE.FindAll(searchByte, 500)

 fmt.Printf("%s \n", matchSlice2) // if found, return all successive matches

 oid := regE.NumSubexp()

 fmt.Printf("OID is %d \n", oid)

 // this is how to search by string

 matchSlice3 := regE.FindAllString(string(searchByte), -1)

 fmt.Printf("%s \n", matchSlice3) // if found, return all successive matches


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By Adam Ng

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