Golang : Randomize letters from a string example

For this short tutorial, we will learn how to randomize the letters(including symbols and empty spaces) in a string. Such as:

"Hello World!"


" ! WoHllderlo"

Basically, the idea is to convert the string into a slice, randomize(shuffle) the elements inside the slice and then convert the slice back into a string.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func breakToCharSlice(str string) []string {

  tokens := []rune(str)

  var result []string

  for _, char := range tokens {
 result = append(result, scanner.TokenString(char))

  return result

 func shuffle(src []string) []string {
  final := make([]string, len(src))
  perm := rand.Perm(len(src))

  for i, v := range perm {
 final[v] = src[i]
  return final

 func main() {
  str := "Hello World!"

  //strSlice := strings.Fields(str)

  // we want to break the string into individual characters slice
  // https://www.socketloop.com/tutorials/golang-break-string-into-a-slice-of-characters-example

  strSlice := breakToCharSlice(str)

  fmt.Println("Original :", str)
  //fmt.Println("Converted to slice :", strSlice)

  randomized := shuffle(strSlice)

  // convert the slice back to string
  randomizedStr := strings.Join(randomized, "")

  // get rid the extra ""
  randomizedStr = strings.Replace(randomizedStr, "\"", "", -1)

  fmt.Printf("Randomized : %s\n", randomizedStr)


Some sample outputs:

 >$ go run randomizeletters.go 

 >Original : Hello World!

 >Randomized : Hlledr! lWoo

 >$ go run randomizeletters.go 

 >Original : Hello World!

 >Randomized : rdlollH oe!W



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